What Really Matters

Wobabybasics designs for what really matters: your baby, your environment and your community.


Fascinated by active children, their movements and their needs, our collections cater to your child's body with extra adjustability, encourage independence and allow kids to play and grow in comfort.

Parents love that each style offers maximum versatility (plus value for money) and we are constantly looking for new ways to get more out of our clothing to nurture your child’s creative explorations.

Our clothing details loved by children and parents alike:


Your environment is the only one you have.

Wobabybasics sources the finest organic fabrics, use certified eco friendly dyes and water based inks. We reduce our ecological footprint by considering the entire life cycle of our organic cotton fabrics, reuse left-over fabric remnants, use 100% recycled paper for printed material, distribute reusable cotton bags, and contribute to local environmental programs.

Wobabybasics Hand-Me-Down Program has been developed to reduce landfills by reusing baby clothing. We invite our clients to exchange wobabybasics’ items that have been fully used or outgrown for a discount on their next purchase. Returned products will be donated to local charities or properly recycled.


We strongly believe in the process as much as the end product and Wobabybasics believes in giving back to the communities we live in and buy our materials from.

Our products are proudly and ethically made in China. We are based near the source to ensure production integrity and that all facilities respect fair labour practices, including proper working conditions, wages, bonuses and vacations for workers.

Wobabybasics is committed to give a portion of our profits to a variety of action-oriented charities, especially those that are focused on children and families. This is from OUR profits; we do not mark-up our products to cover this.


Organic cotton is literally a breath of fresh air. We are proud to choose organic cotton because it makes such an ecological, economical and health difference. Conventional cotton production remains toxic, thirsty, and energy intensive according to the Organic Cotton Initiative, plus the rise of genetically modified cotton puts our own and farmers’ livelihoods and choices at risk.

Consider the benefits of organic cotton:
Wobabybasics collections use exclusively GOTS certified organic cotton and ethical production to feel good inside and out.


The What Really Matters Project are limited edition patterns created by local designers for a good cause.

A portion of the proceeds from the What Really Matters Project sales support local organizations assisting children in need, including much needed renovations at the Hui Xin Disabled Children Center in Shanghai. Hui Xin is an orphanage for more than 100 mentally and physically handicapped children, aged 0 to 16 years old.

The Noodle Bowl Pattern for our FW15 Collection was designed by Sarah Anderson of Pinyin Press. Pinyin Press seeks to raise a smile, evoke experience and most of all, connect people more closely to the inherent charms of Asia. Noodles are commonly eaten during birthday celebrations and weddings as a symbol of longevity. Slurp them with a spoon or wind them with chopsticks, miàntiáo meal times are fun!

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